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The vineyards of the Condrieu area lie on the eastern slopes of the Massif Central.

Situated 40 km south of Lyon, they extend over about 100 ha spread over three ‘départements’ and seven communes.

The vineyards cover, at an average altitude of 250 m, narrow terraces of granitic soils on steep hillsides facing south-south-east, halfway between the bottom of the Rhone valley and the Pélussin plateau.

The appellation is named after the commune of Condrieu, the name meaning a corner (coin) of land where two streams meet (rieu, akin to the Spanish rio).

The Condrieu AOC appellation bases on a single vine variety, Viognier, giving rise, not far from the city of Vienne, to a wine like not other!

Viognier is also used very widely for varietals in many other winegrowing areas in the south of France.

Viognier gives a white wine of high quality and great delicacy. Very fragrant, with a great richness of aromas, the wine is extraordinarily rich and mellow, with great smoothness.

  • Temperate climate: relatively mild winters, hot summers. Average rainfall 700 to 800 mm par year.
  • The number of days with rainfall lies between 80 and 110 days.
  • The average yearly temperature is about 11°C.