Cuvée : " La Plume Du Peintre "
Colour : RED
Vintage : 2003


The wine seems intimidating and impenetrable at first sight, hidden behind a deep black velvet surrounded by a crimson fringe. Let us approach our noses, let us be overwhelmed by a wave of sensations! The olfactory intensity is astonishing; aromas seem to pour outside the glass into fireworks for our nostrils: blackberry, cherry, blueberry, black currant, raspberry… red and black berries are highlighted with a hint of vanilla, all the more intensifying our eagerness to explore further.
When the wine is in contact with air, it immediately releases more specific tones: wild Strawberry, wild raspberry, mocha, cigar box, spice, rosewood, cocoa, licorice, followed by a mineral quality that reveals the identity of our land, our “terroir”.
Once we have come round from this first overpowering impression, we can bring the precious beverage to our lips. A multitude of impressions at once rushes through our minds: ample, thick, unctuous, rich, full and yet fresh, well-balanced and rich, with a multitude of aromas promised by the nose twirling from papilla to papilla.

This feeling of fullness and this extraordinary complexity linger, endlessly, into an ultimate expression of refinement and strength that the blended and mellow tannins promise shall last… for…eternity !

An apprehensive thought crosses your mind: when can we do this again?

We have kept 150 bottles of “la plume du peintre” (the painter’s quill). We open only one bottle per year, during a traditional family meal around New Year's. Our impressions and commentaries after tasting can be found on our Internet site. 150 bottles… one per year… a promise of happiness for quite a few generations to come !

Last Tasting end of January 2008 : the wine is entering in its closure period , you sould wait at least 4 years before drinking it.