Cuvée : " La Plume Du Peintre "
Colour : RED
Vintage : 2005


After 2003, we were worried that we would not be capable of producing a wine that offered too much in the way of sensation.
So when we began tasting, we could not help but be apprehensive.
And yet as we poured the precious liquid into the glass, we were deeply impressed by the colour: 19 on the colour intensity scale,
something the likes of which we had never seen (15 in 2003, 14 in 2001).
The initial nose is a little reserved, but swilling the glass around immediately brings forth aromas of a rare subtlety. Wild red berries blend beautifully with the floral aromas: blueberry, wild strawberry, raspberry, morello cherry, blackcurrant liqueur, violet, rose and lilac.
Then come successive waves of spices and finally mocha and cocoa.

The mouth confirms all of this potential.
The initial attack is very powerful, but the wine is quickly refined in mouth and astonishes the drinker with its freshness and velvety touch. The finale is fantastic, unfurling all of the aromas of the nose like a peacock unfurling its tail. The length in mouth is interminable, extraordinarily refined and delicate, and everything is underscored with a sense of minerality which supports the wine from start to finish. The freshness is majestic, the sensation of purity breathtaking.

In the end, this Plume du Peintre is a never-ending adventure, something which gives meaning to the word "passion".

Last Tasting end of January 2008 : the wine is entering in its closure period , you sould wait at least 4 years before drinking it.