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2017 was certainly a challenging year for us.

We were hit by a succession of extreme weather events over the growing season. Despite a very cold winter, the sudden rise in temperatures from February to March resulted in a very early bud break.

The cold snap that followed from late April/early May resulted in the vines’ growth blocking and we lost some of the bunches due to this cold. In addition, the strong resumption of growth at the time of flowering led to an unprecedented degree of coulure (shot berries) on most grape varieties and was catastrophic on our Grenache, with up to 70% loss of yield.

A very hot spell then set in from the start of June (2017 was the second hottest year of the last 20 years) and it was very dry.

The vines will have received from only 185 mm of rainfall compared to 360 mm in a normal year.

The only positive side to this weather is that the vineyard was in excellent health.

After the very early (14 August) and long grape harvest in 2017, we saw that the Domaine had suffered a very painful 40% loss of production.

Some wines will be more affected than others as a result.

The rosé and white wines from this small vintage that you will have the pleasure of discovering are tending towards floral aromas with white fruit and they show a lovely lively character.

The “La Dame Rousse” Tavel shows nice tension on the palate and aromatic finesse, and you will love the “La Reine des Bois”, which is displaying its typical character with volume and complexity on the palate.

You will see some very fine balances in the 2016 reds, the sign of good cellar-ageing potential.

The “La Dame Rousse” Lirac, packed with red fruit, and “La Reine des Bois”, a selection from our finest plots, will delight you with their finesse.

As for our Chateauneuf-du-Papes, the “La Dame Voyageuse” is the perfect combination of a majority Grenache wine and selected barrels to create a smooth, concentrated wine.

And lastly, we are particularly proud of the “La Reine des Bois” for its incredible richness and concentration, suggesting exceptional cellar ageing potential.

We continue, of course, to pursue our wine tourism activity at the Villa d’Ambre. The extension of our tasting cellar will allow us to offer you an extended range of products in a temperature-controlled environment, with recreational areas outside and car parking in the shade. We are open all year round (even at lunchtime during the summer).

Should you wish to make a group visit, we would ask you to kindly book in advance to ensure that we can receive you as comfortably as possible.

As we have seen in our cellars and as we travel around, you are the best ambassadors for Domaine de la Mordorée, and we thank you for your support.

We also believe that, without the HARD WORK and winemaking methods introduced by Christophe Delorme, the Domaine’s would not enjoy the reputation it does.

Thanks to the commitment of our entire team and to your loyalty, we continue to pursue our activity, FOR LOVE OF THE EARTH, and hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you to the domaine in the not too distant future.

Madeleine et Ambre DELORME