The vines at the Domaine de la Mordorée are trained according to two methods:

  • Goblet training is used for old untrellised vineyards, with the canopy remaining free. This traditional pruning method remains of value, and has the following advantages: better resistance to wind and drought, and lesser sensitivity to trunk diseases, which can kill the vines.
  • Cordon de Royat training is used for recent, trellised vineyards. This newer training method has a number of advantages: it allows training vines higher, leaving a larger leaf surface exposed to the sun, which makes for grapes that are more coloured and richer in tannins and in sugar. Exposure to sunlight also gives healthier grapes and allows a greater development of aromas.

Pruning is severe, so as to reduce the number of bunches and give more air to leaves and grapes.