At the Domaine, we apply two methods for vine training: the goblet and Royat cordon pruning.

  • The goblet is used for all old non-trained vines. This older method is still worthwhile and has the following advantages : better resistance to wind and drought and less sensitivity to wood disease (diseases that can kill the vine).
  • The Royat cordon pruning method is used for recently wire-trained vines. This new training technique offers many advantages: it makes it easy to train vines in height, therefore increasing the amount of leafing exposed to sunrays, making the grapes richer in colour, tannins and sugar. Moreover, as the grapes are well exposed to light they develop more aromas and improve the sanitary condition of the berries.


Our pruning is quite strict and selective to guarantee the right number of clusters and better air circulation.

Domaine viticole de la Mordorée
Domaine viticole de la Mordorée