The grape harvest

We are extremely strict concerning grape selection and hand harvesting, we are strongly against the use of harvesting machines for our wines.

Indeed, harvesting machines are blind when collecting grapes, and therefore naturally cannot select them : grapes, whether half ripe or damaged, will be picked at the same time as good mature grapes.

Machines can more often than not also harvest the small stems (in the upper vine shoots which definitely do not help to the realization of great wines), vine shoots themselves and great quantities of leaves.

As this harvesting method often consists in a violent shaking of the stumps, berries break off the bunches, and all burst into shake: the juices are consequently oxidized and the aromas altered. Conversely, at the Domaine de la Mordorée everything is sorted and controlled. Specific instructions are briefed to all the harvesting crews before their departure to a specific parcel on what is to be picked, left or eliminated. The sorting is then carried out a second time by more specialized workers.

Due to the wealth of grape varieties and lands, harvesting can be carried out at different times, according to the maturity and opportune moment of each vineyard. To monitor this harvesting, we carry out over 100 controls before and during harvest, for the 38 parcels, on 8 different communes.

All these operations, (working the soils, early thinning, special care brought to the vines and harvest) multiply costs by two or three compared to traditional chemical and machine wine growing. We are however certain it would be unacceptable and shameful to waste the prestigious lands and appellations inherited by our forefathers, because of intellectual laziness or greed, and not treat these lands as they deserve.

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Domaine viticole de la Mordorée
Domaine viticole de la Mordorée
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