Our philosophy is that nature is much more gifted than man, and that technology is only here to avoid blunders. We therefore let the natural yeasts of our lands do the work, simply checking the evolution of the fermentation through a regular checking and analyzing of the process by an outside oenologist.

Recently, in certain cellars, it has become very fashionable to claim that vinification is the essential stage in the creation of wine; backed by somme « Flying Winemakers » and outrageous technology that claim new trendy wines.

(Flying Winemakers or Flying Oenologists, take their name from Latin, OenologusAvestus, and were born from a genetic mutation of terrestrial oenologists, under the joint pressure of the media and great wine amateurs. This mutation most likely takes place when they stay a little too long at the top of a 100 rung ladder)

In the process, it seems one has totally forgotten that the essence is the grape : the grape berry contains all the necessary substances, the pulp, skin, and seeds to make great wines, provided these grapes are perfect. That is why our efforts and investments are first of all concentrated on the vineyard.

Having perfectly healthy and ripe grapes first is the preliminary step for a vineyard to master technology and express the full complexity of wine. Quality grapes are therefore the major assets of great wines.

Of course, vinification is truly important, for it is this stage that will give a wine its character, it is at that moment that man brings his touch, it is what makes a wine unique, like no other. It is another of our strengths at the Domaine de la Mordorée : our wines have a lot of character and are easily recognizable. We try to obtain very concentrated wines with perfectly blended tannins, dense matter, full-bodied and fruity, already delicious young but with a great ageing potential, expressing their breed and origin through time. We are very far from these stylish wines, blinded by technology, all of which look and taste like.

When talking about vinification, everyone has his little secrets... we have ours, so, as Winston Churchill used to say : “Keep your secrets secret !” Weshalladd no more !

Domaine viticole de la Mordorée
Domaine viticole de la Mordorée
Organic wines - Biodynamic vineyard - HVE estate
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