Unique terroirs

Admitting that nature is much more talented than man, the Domaine de la Mordorée has the unique terroirs of the Rhone Valley allowing different varieties to express themselves fully and offer aromatic subtleties devoid of artifice to each product for sale.

Convinced that great wines come from high quality, the Domaine de la Mordorée pays particular attention to the entire vineyard, especially at all stages of wine making, from the vintage to the winemaking.


Our two cuvees – La Reine des Bois – and – La Dame Voyageuse, come from our Plateau de la Crau parcels known for their cobble stones.

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Our – Christophe Delorme – cuvee – 100% Viognier – comes from a 25-year-old vineyard on the granite terrasses which are typical of the Condrieu appellation.

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Four reds and whites cuvees are produced on our Lirac parcels, including – La Plume du Peintre -, only produced in exceptional vintages

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The – Reine des Bois – cuvee is from the well-known Plateau de Vallongue, and the – Dame Rousse – cuvee is a blend of several Tavel terroirs included cobble stones, limestone and sandy soils. Exclusively in rosé.

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Côtes du Rhône

Two cuvees, the red and the rosé, come from a 20-year-old parcel, planted on various terroirs, sandy or sandy-clay, with limestone gravels.

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Vin de France

The – Remise de la Mordorée – cuvee exists in red, in a no sulfites red, in a white and in a rosé. The entire vineyard is labelled Biological and Biodynamic Agriculture (Demeter). Discover Les Bulles de la Mordorée, our new Vin de France rosé sparkling wine.

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The villa d’Ambre

Stay in the Villa d’Ambre in Tavel, 10 minutes from Avignon and enjoy the 360° view of the Ventoux and the swimming pool with your family or friends (max 12 people)

Visit the domaine

Visit the estate shop from Monday to Saturday for a tasting of our vintages and discover our selection of delicatessen products. We also offer an escape to the heart of the vineyard. 

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