The land we till does not belong to us – we borrow it from our offspring.


A family business created in 1986 by Francis DELORME and his son Christophe, the Domaine de la Mordorée brings together a 50-hectare vineyard in the southern Rhône valley. The farm is divided into 38 plots spread over 8 communes.

In 30 years, Christophe DELORME has raised the Domaine to the level of the greatest.
By “LOVE OF THE EARTH”, winemaker perfectionist, passionate and visionary he chose to respect the soil. The estate is organic in its entirety with a biodynamic approach in the land and cellar. The harvest is manual on the entire farm.

Christophe died in June 2015 at the age of 52.
Madeleine and their daughter Ambre have been pursuing for more than two years the work initiated by Christophe with the team he trained.
They chose to preserve the company to which they devoted themselves body and soul in the respect of the main objective: To produce the best wines possible.
Ideally located at the crossroads of Provence and Languedoc, the Domaine de la Mordorée produces some of the greatest wines of the Rhone Valley. Tavel where is located the cellar, Châteauneuf du Pape, Lirac, Côtes du Rhône, vin de France and Condrieu.
Passionate and in love with the wonderful bird that is the woodcock, we chose his nickname “poetic” to name the domain “La Mordorée”; four other nicknames: “La Remise”, “La Dame Rousse”, “La Dame Voyageuse” and “La Reine des Bois” symbolize the names of our 4 wines. As well as “la Plume du peintre” during exceptional vintage.


Quality and the environment are the keystones to our enterprise.

We are immensely proud of having succeeded in turning our vineyards back into sustainable ecosystems, which displayed outstanding resistance to exceptional climatic events such as the huge floods of September 2002 (with 600mm rainfall in just two days) or the heat wave in the summer of 2003.
Thanks to our endeavour to create a state of natural balance in our different vineyards, our vines are not bereft of their natural defences against aggressions from insects, fungi, bacteria or weather extremes.