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Harvest 2023

An intense and promising vintage.

The harvest began on Wednesday 24 August with the picking of our white grapes, followed by our reds (Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache, etc.). The harvest is always done by hand, followed by a rigorous sorting of the 58 hectares that make up our vineyard.

The harvest is staggered according to the different stages of ripeness of the grape varieties and climatic emergencies (drought, heatwave, rain, etc.).
Teams of pickers are given strict sorting instructions and start very early in the morning when the grapes are still fresh. The days were still very sunny and the temperatures were higher than normal for August and September 2023.

This is a very intense 2023 vintage, as the weather has been very hot and very dry for months. We’ve hardly seen a drop of rain. This is very worrying for our vineyards and their biodiversity, because we can now say that this drought has been going on for years.

To accompany our vines, Biodynamics helps us to strengthen and fortify organic life and exchanges between the soil and the plant, while allowing our grapes to express the full potential of our terroirs and their characteristics. This allows us to produce wines that are delicate, rich, balanced and complex, while leaving as much room as possible for the purity of the fruit.

A promising 2023 vintage with excellent berry quality, rich, concentrated juices with great aromatic potential and complexity, freshness, minerality and elegance.

We look forward to finishing the harvest and introducing you to our new vintages, and wish you a fine end to summer and a good start to autumn.

With kind regards,

Madeleine & Ambre Delorme

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