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Our vineyard and our wines are certified Agriculture Biologique and Biodynamique Demeter. Our aim is to ensure the best possible balance within our vineyard, with the aim of producing rich, complex and delicate wines, while leaving as much room as possible for the expression of its fruit.

Our philosophy:

Vigneron, Artisan & Paysans: Nature is our wealth, and we respect it and work to bring out the best in it. It’s a job of passion and precision that involves taking care of the earth, the plants and their environment.

Terroir: It’s important to ensure the best possible balance and harmony between the plant, its soil and its environment. Our wines have their own identity and reflect their terroir. Our aim is for each vine to express all the potential and characteristics of the place in which it grows.

Biodiversity: It is important to strengthen soil life, intensify organic life and improve natural exchanges between the plant, the soil, its roots, leaves and fruit. Biodiversity is essential in our vineyards if we are to achieve the best possible harmony.
Our aim is to produce the best possible wines, while respecting our environment and what nature gives us.

Demeter Certification: This certification is a higher standard than Organic Farming. It is a strict and transparent set of rules that helps to strengthen all the elements of an ecosystem in harmony with the living world. Biodynamic viticulture enables the production of quality wines and the development of more resilient ecosystems.

We would be delighted to talk to you about this method of production and our philosophy, at a trade fair or at the estate.

With kind regards,

Madeleine & Ambre Delorme

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