The appellation is famous for its white wines produced mainly from the Viognier grape on the right bank of the Rhône.


The vineyard of Condrieu is located on the eastern edge of the Massif Central.
It is located 40km south of Lyon. It extends over a hundred hectares at the crossroads of 3 departments and spread over 7 municipalities.
The vineyard slopes at an average altitude of 250 meters, in narrow terraces on a granitic soil with hillsides with a steep south-south-easterly slope that ensure the transition between the valley floor and the «Plateau de Pélussin».

The name takes its name from the eponymous town whose name means Corner of brook (angle of land formed by a river at its confluence with another.

Grapes varieties

The AOC Condrieu is made of only one grape variety, the viognier, which gave birth, a few leagues from Vienna, to a wine that is nowhere to be found!
It is used extensively for the production of single varietal wines in the South of France.
Viognier gives a white wine of excellent quality and great finesse. Highly perfumed, the wine is extraordinarily oily, supple, not to mention unctuous. It is particularly rich in aroma.


Temperate climate: temperate winters, hot summers- average precipitation 700 to 800 mm of water per year.
The number of days of precipitation is between 80 and 110 days.
The average annual temperature is around 11° C

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